Adventures Of Ashley

A girl that loves the arts and sciences.



Photo of Ashley, 16-4-2022
I live in New York, I am an author, studied psychology and multimedia and Rock-star metal guitarist. My specialised fields are the arts and sciences.
I am a hobbyist photographer too and love capturing still moments in my life.

I'm a hardcore rocker from way back I love NASA, Doom the video game and most boomer made gadgets. An 80's child I am, and I love technology and people. I have both a Male (engineering) and Female (people) mind. I believe in humanity and the diversity of the world.

I have studied psychology and multimedia and am a creator at heart. I have done so much in my life and been through so much, my journey on this earth has been very Epic! with lots of experiences and learning new things along the way. I hope my website will bring you joy and happiness, looking at some of my best and favourite works. Thank you for visiting my web-site.

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