Happy Sunday! Ashley’s 80’s Desktop-Unwell.

Ashley’s 80’s retro Desktop photo.

Hi there everybody. Happy Sunday!! I’m just jumping in here really quickly. I am really struggling right now with mental health and physical health. I’m going to be extending my time off to late this week maybe Thursday or Friday. I’m still very sick and my brain fog like episodes that I get and especially… Continue reading Happy Sunday! Ashley’s 80’s Desktop-Unwell.

Transformers and Transgender!

Transformers I purchased today in the iTunes app for $2.19

So if you were wondering how to support me, if you like my music buy my music on iTunes or stream it over on Spotify. My latest track ‘Transformers’ is my best and most favourite track I have ever made, it’s a real banger! So head over and buy or Follow / Stream my music.… Continue reading Transformers and Transgender!

Sick Ashley – Rain SFX Today!!

Rain Downpour album cover.

Well hi there everybody. I think I’m still recovering from my Pfizer shot and in general feeling run-down, tired, feverish, headache, sick and in general – rubbish. I’m so cold and I was a little feverish last night when I was sleeping. Today I feel really sick and run-down. I hope I can get better.… Continue reading Sick Ashley – Rain SFX Today!!

Transformers – Power up!!

My ‘Trasnformers’ album cover.

Hi everybody. I decided to make my cover-art for my new song ‘Transformers’, which is about Trans – Transgender issues. So it hit a chord with me and now I am in a place to talk about myself and how this affects me. Firstly, when I was growing up as a boy, I loved playing… Continue reading Transformers – Power up!!

Pfizer Vaccine – good vs bad.

Ashley getting her Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccination.

Hi everybody. I’m writing this blog today off the back of getting my vaccine shot yesterday. It’s not easy! I was priority awhile back and they said I needed supporting documentation to get the vaccine under a disability even though they know I have a disability as my NDIS worker was with me and I… Continue reading Pfizer Vaccine – good vs bad.

My Fish and Pasta dish – Delish!!

My Fish and Pasta dish! – so delish!!

Hi everybody,¬†happy TGI Friday! I’ll probably post an in-depth blog sometime over this weekend. My THH worker helped me today, go to the supermarket and buy food to cook a dish that my nutritionist¬†recommended. I added a few extra ingredients that I’d like too. Alisha and nutritionist wonderful Fish and Pasta dish! Chickpeas Gherkin Feta… Continue reading My Fish and Pasta dish – Delish!!