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Ashley HM

My name is Ashley Iam a multi-instrumentalist from Australia.
I have been making music for just over a decade, and I enjoy making zombie/metal music. Scroll Down.
Hi everybody. Today is officially my 10 year Music Making Anniversary!! 26-09-2011 - 26-09-2021.

It has been a very fun journey for me and thanks for the support over the years from friends and fans alike and from my music communities on Forums, Facebook, YouTube and the stores.

At the moment I’m not making any more music, but I have my latest song I made ‘We are here for Metal’ as a song that celebrates this big milestone/achievement for me today and is attributed to this checkpoint in my life for me.

I had only started distributing my music as per a couple of years ago too, but I must say some of my early songs are kind of poop haha! It’s all about improving and having fun with what gear you have. I have only been able to afford a couple of guitars over the years and in the beginning I used to make music on my old iPhone 4S through the use of iRig [IK Multimedia] and ‘Positive Grid’. Over the years I have collected some new gear and in these current times I use Studio One Sphere on my PC. Sometimes I use my iPad Mini5 too.

For me I make music primarily for myself and it helps me put my trauma and lived experiences into my music which is a kind of therapy for me. Most of my music is best described at zombie / metal music, but not all of my music is Metal! I am a multi-instrumentalist and enjoy making music in my home recording studio in my high-rise apartment. Anyway I think I’m going to crack open a beer now and celebrate this Sunday evening! Keep rocking out everybody! \m/

Below is all the albums I have made over this 10 year period, from when I first started recording music and when I got my first guitar.

My Albums 2011-2021.

Play my favourite song here, 'Down in Hell'.
search: 'alisha poor'.
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