Adventures Of Ashley

A girl that loves the arts and sciences.

Music in Me

(revised 14-05-2021).
Ashley in her life-time has had many experiences. Her trauma and being mentally unwell and substance abuse she experiences has been translated into her music. Her journey as she sees it has been epic and full of many vivid emotive and episodic memories through the past 40 years of her life.
Ashleys music is more than just a creative outlet its a way of life for her and a cathartic approach to healing within herself and facing the horrors that most of her life has been like.
Her music best described as heavy metal zombie music is deeply ingrained in her belief system that a Zombie apocalypse would eventuate into the end of the world through a virus. We are not far off that with these covid-19 times we are in at the moment, but we are just waiting for the zombies to show up.

Ashley loves what she does and even though when times get tough and her mental illness becomes more apparent she still looks at the world with black humour and a relative optimism that things will get better for her and being in her new apartment confirms that the grass is greener on the other side. At the moment she is fighting against her mental illness every day and even though just recently she has been dreaming, first time in 10 years, most of her dreams are horrific nightmares, which in tern make her feel more unwell.

Ashley zombie CGI image

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Her music however is a vessel that transforms her horrors and puts it into music where she can make her music and then let go of it once the song has been finished. The healing she gets form making music encourages a positive outlook in herself away from the detrimental downward damage that she has been apart of for so much of her life. Ashley is a higher functioning intellectually accelerated individual that loves doing things at 150% all the time. She believes that the light that burns twice as bright will last half as long and she believes this and the philosophy that she is becoming evermore so out of touch in this busy world she lives in. She is a fighter and she will fight to the end, her legacy as she calls it will be here long after she has departed this world whenever that comes to be. She has possibly another 40 years ahead of her and what the future looks like is unknown to her.

In closing Ashley loves making her metal zombie music and she has an eclectic love and appreciation for all music dependent on her mood at the time. Her fav music is like artists such, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Limp Bizkit, and the old-skool riff makers of the 80s and 90s generation that she has grown up with being an 80s child herself.

Ashley is a hardcore rocker from way back and loves NASA, doom the video game and most boomer made gadgets.

She loves her life and the diversity of this world. One day she will depart this world and go back to her world, as her personality and lifestyle doesnt fit the pigeon hole fit of earth. Heroin is the gateway to her world and the vessel for when the stars are aligned to transport her to her world where she will suffer no longer and be excepted and stricken of all discrimination where she will be forever at peace.

At present Ashley is loving her life and as the days go by she is loving life even more. She is so happy in herself and loves everything about herself and the belief in the primacy of the heart and holistically of human kind.

Ashley uses many computer programmes to compose her music and her favourite instrument is her white Flying V Alexi Laiho signature edition ESP LTD electric guitar. She loves keyboard and vocals too which she records as well.

Her favourite programmes and plugins are 'Peavey Revalver 4', 'Korg M1', and 'Toontrack EZ Drummer' with expansion packs. Her DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is Studio One Sphere. She loves recording herself and writing new riffs and lead parts. Her latest song that uses the above mentioned programmes is available here to listen too. She loves making motivational music and coupled with coffee is a positive reinforcement for her to get out of bed each morning.

A big heartfelt thank-you goes out to my Family, Friends and workers / carers who have made all this possible for Ashley and a happiness she gets from making her music and the happiness in others that enjoy listening to her music.

As she approaches middle age things have settled down a lot for her and she can now focus on positive wellness and as Optimus Prime says, we go into the future together. Keep rocking out everybody, \m/ Ashley.